About Jared

Just Me...

My favorite place: Grand Canyon
Music Station : Set to Country
Die Hard 49er fan
Bought the house where I grew up
The house my great-grandfather
I love old cars
I love working in the shop
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Thankful for solid friends
I glissaded down Mt. Whittney
I am absolutely Wrapped around
my little girl's finger
I'm a finish carpenter
We own a 1964 Cadi... and drove
it the night I proposed
Barista's at Starbucks have my
drink ready before I order it



I am currently living my dream. I love doing life with my wife and our crazy four kids. They continue to keep me young at heart and grounded in what's important in life. I believe in hard work when it comes to work, projects or marriage and family. I grew up in a small Northern California town and we love that we get to raise our little family here.



kori & jared